About Mint Car

We're proud to have served a number of our friends and neighbors at Mint Car, since many of our customers turn into just that. At Mint Car in the Atlanta area, we provide Volkswagens and Audis for customers who are tired of overpaying for new cars but still want quality German vehicles.

And we know vehicles. Our owner grew up handing wrenches to his father in their family's shop, before moving onto his own small repairs. That passion for cars extended into racing, whether on two wheels with bicycles or four wheels with professional auto racing. Basically, we love anything you can put on the track.

We know, though, that a lot of our customers are families looking for the first cars for their kids. Trackday performance isn't nearly as important as safety and reliable for Georgia teenagers, and especially their parents. Our qualified repair staff, under the knowledgeable supervision of our owner, inspect each car for any potential defects.

Since we're a family business, and one that is a second generation of another family endeavor, we know that relationships matter. So you can expect us to focus on your needs and the concerns that you specifically have for you or your loved ones.

Visit Mint today. We'll take care of you and your automotive needs.