Buying a Used Car in Atlanta?

It can be difficult to find the best Audi or Volkswagen in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. At Mint, we've put together a number of articles to provide you expert information on how to choose the right model for you, as well as articles about avoiding lemons and getting past the paperwork that comes with a used car. We're always happy to help and if the articles don't answer all of your questions, we invite you to come down to our local office for an in-depth consultation.

Volkswagen Audi News

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45,384 miles
6-speed Automatic
Candy White
Price: $12,850
79,503 miles
Automatic w Overdrive
Price: $5,990
118,600 miles
Navy Blue
Price: $6,000
45,802 miles
6-speed Automatic
Price: $11,450
7,437 miles
Candy White
Price: $16,990